Moving sucks

I am getting really frustrated and stressed out about moving.

I am trying to juggle having people come visit my apartment and getting my landlord to give me all the necessary paperwork to sign over my lease with trying to find a new apartment for myself and potentially also needing to find roommates.

Here’s the questions bothering me right now:

-What part of Seattle should I get my new apartment in: U-district so I’m close to friends? Belltown cuz it’s trendy? International District/SoDo since it is close to work?

-When should I allow one of the new people to move in? If they move in before I’m ready to go, I’m screwed, but if I’m not flexible with them I won’t be able to get rid of my dump.

-Should I have roommates in my new apartment? If so, should they be someone I already know? It would be nice to meet new people, but I don’t want to risk getting more dirty as sin roommates…

-How much should I spend on my new apartment? A third of my monthly income? Less and save my money for something cool?

Arrrghh… I should just buy myself an RV and live in that. That way I can live wherever I feel like and if I decide to go to Mexico, I can. I’ll just find myself a nice trailer park somewhere and commute to work in my house.

Problem solved.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.