As humans we have a very interesting relationship with food.  We have an intense need to always eat more.

Biologically we are just trying to survive. Our DNA believes we live in a world of scarcity and starvation, thus forces us to binge as much as possible then our fat cells store as much energy as they can.… read more “Food”


Mike showed me how to refactor my Laravel recruiting application so that it would be testable yesterday. I have been working a few hours today and doing the actual refactor. I have a lot more to do!


I find it helpful to track my productivity in my daily goals spreadsheet. Some of the recent areas I have been focused on are:

  • Emails
  • Strategy documents
  • Reviewing back end developers and sending offer letters
  • AdWords management
  • Company meeting
  • Team lead meeting
  • Management retreat
  • Kickoff meeting
  • Report meetings
  • Creating a new video testimonial for
  • Working on
read more “Productivity”

What I Am Thankful For

Every day I write down one thing that I am thankful for in my goals spreadsheet. Here are some of them from the last few months:

  • Visiting my grandparents who are in good health
  • I have a purpose that drives me each day
  • Game of Thrones
  • Laurel is awesome
  • I love to poo like 8 x a day
  • Work that let’s me help my family
  • Working with Jordan
  • Sports weekend in Dallas
  • I am alive
  • Kevin took over as CEO of Romy
  • Seeing my friends
  • My bachelor party
  • Fun learning programming
  • I’m young
  • Able to take off time if I need it
  • Daily exercise
  • Sunny LA skies
  • New recruiting system rocks
  • Giant salsas are amazing
  • Chess
  • Won legal case
  • Not living subsistence style like ancestors
  • Great team members

Dressing for Business

I find that I am one of the least fashion conscious people that I know. I generally only purchase new clothes once a year, and all of my shopping is done online on Gap-owned websites in the sales section. I spend probably $2-300 per year on my clothes. I want to look good, but I care far more about other things like personal fitness or growing my business.… read more “Dressing for Business”

Family & Friends

I had a wonderful visit with my family and friends this weekend in Washington. As I have past my twenties, my family especially has grown much more important to me and my old friendships have continued to be very meaningful.

I flew in Thursday night for my grandmother’s 75th birthday party and saw all my friends at dinner at their house.… read more “Family & Friends”


My stress levels have been pretty high lately. Lots of projects are needing my attention at work and I am trying to make sure we continue to offer the highest levels of service.

I probably should do more intense exercise to burn off the extra stress. This evening I think I will go to the La Cienega LA Fitness and do some heavy squats and running.

Game of Thrones

Laurel and I have started to watch Game of Thrones and it is a very addicting show! We are almost done with the first season and we have been highly entertained. I usually give her back rubs while we watch which makes her very happy and she makes me dinner which makes me very happy. Good times 🙂

System Administration

I really had a lot of fun last night working on administering my Linux server where my recruiting site is hosted. I had been having a problem where applicants who went to upload large Youtube video files would cause the server to run out of memory then the upload would fail. I cleaned up the server and moved it to a much larger AWS instance and that has helped.… read more “System Administration”