Which friend of mine marries next?

Many people that I know have already gotten married. My younger brother Jordan married Meghan. Mark married his first girlfriend. Justin married Jennifer, divorced her after she cheated and then married the very next girl he dated (I think he answered the question “Can I do better?” wrongly lol). Bryan married Jess. JJ married some blonde.… read more “Which friend of mine marries next?”

Cafe Vita Seattle WA

Cafe Vita in Seattle is one of my favorite cafes. I don’t go to cafe’s very often, but when I do I like to come to Cafe Vita because of the great atmosphere. Cafe Vita has hardwood floors, shelves of books, a piano and an upstairs with a good view of Pike street.

Plato and I are sitting here right now, he is reading the “Age of Reason” by Jean Satre and I am playing a game of chess and writing blog entries on marriage, one which is published already and the other which will come out tomorrow.… read more “Cafe Vita Seattle WA”

New England Patriots Sing “The Right Stuff” Video

Funny video of the New England Patriots singing “The Right Stuff”. Pretty funny.

Tom Brady is certainly a little full of himself in this video. But then I would be too if I was a Super Bowl winning quarterback hooking up with tons of beautiful ladies.… read more “New England Patriots Sing “The Right Stuff” Video”

“Miracle Man” Dan Quinn

The guy in the video below calls himself the “Miracle Man” for ladies… see what you think.

“My formula (crazy theory of putting water in a blender to make “perfect water” that will make you younger) will make the Quinn family richer than God.”

Another video of our dear friend Dan Quinn showing his boxing skillz can be found below:

Dan Quinn, the legend leaves a message to his kids….… read more ““Miracle Man” Dan Quinn”

Flag Football Comeback Victory

First flag football game of the new Underdog Sports League Seattle was yesterday and my team won. We started the game down 21-0 after our QB threw an interception, but managed to come back after I switched to rushing the QB and we won 35-21.