Conquering Los Angeles SEO with User Psychology

Search engine optimization is so much more than page ranking. It’s about communicating value and meaning to your audience. That means you need to understand your audience in order to maximize your limited communication window. Los Angeles SEO user psychology can help you make your audience feel, think, and do things purposefully.

This isn’t some Jedi mind trick that will dupe your audience into doing something they don’t want to do. Instead, it’s about understanding your user, what they want, and how thoughtful design can influence their behavior.

Self Motivation

Using psychological methods in your SEO campaign begins with understanding your audience. That means knowing what motivates your clients. Almost every choice we make in life comes down to motivation. It can be the motivation to avoid something negative like pain, death, or loss. Or it can be the motivation to gain something positive like power, love, or knowledge.

Regardless, your audience needs to be motivated to visit your site, motivated to stay on your site, and motivated to complete the action you desire them to complete. Los Angeles SEO user psychology can help you determine the motivations that move your audience. Attempting to force your audience to do something almost never works; you must subtly motivate them to achieve conversion.

Intelligent Design

Design isn’t simply about aesthetics. While you want your site to be visually pleasing, the design that is most pertinent here is design that helps motivate specific behavior. By utilizing Los Angeles SEO user psychology in your design implementation you can direct your audience toward your desired outcome. There are a few ways to go about doing this.

Reward and Punishment

The first is reward and punishment. By giving rewards for desired behavior you increase the probability of continued behavior. Likes and comments are a great example of rewards for desired behavior. Punishments don’t have to be traumatic. Instead, think of punishments as barriers that users will want to overcome to get back to the rewards.

Conditioning and Addiction

Next comes conditioning and addiction. This concept builds on the reward and punishment paradigm of Los Angeles SEO user psychology. Conditioning links behavior with reward. Think of Pavlov’s dogs. They were conditioned to expect food when they heard the bell. You want your user to expect a certain reward when they complete a specific action. The addiction aspect works hand in hand with conditioning. For example, when users post images that receive large quantities of likes or comments (rewards) they want to repeat this action to repeat the reward.

Reach Your Audience

Ultimately, utilizing aspects of Los Angeles SEO user psychology in your marketing campaign can help you capture and retain your audience. By understanding what your user wants and how you can give them what they desire will help you grow your online presence.

Choose the Best

This is only the beginning. Using features of psychology can help you design your site and SEO campaign to achieve maximum exposure. Coalition Technologies has years of experience with shaping your message and brand into what your audience wants and needs. Call or click today to talk about your SEO strategy.

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