Tips on SEO Algorithms for Los Angeles

Algorithms are the complex sets of operational steps that perform calculations and process data. They’re also responsible for determining link value and help to rank your site on search engines. There are a few different Los Angeles SEO algorithms that you need to consider when creating strategy for your digital campaign.

Google is the most visited search engine on the web, so it should come as no surprise that they employ highly sophisticated algorithms to determine which links and sites are high quality and which should be discounted.

Panda Panda

Google Panda is an algorithm that aims to weed out low quality sites. Panda looks at the content of each site to determine if the content is poor quality or if it has been duplicated from somewhere else on the web. Sites that steal or copy and paste content will suffer the most from this algorithm. The best way to get around Panda is to ensure that your site only offers original, high quality content.


PenguinIf you want to make sure you get around the many Los Angeles SEO algorithms, you’ll need to get past Google Penguin. Penguin is dedicated to finding artificial link schemes, often called black hat SEO. Spam links are links that are bought. This is analogous to stealing links in order to achieve a higher search engine result. This is not only a terrible strategy for SEO, but companies that use this tactic get caught all the time. When it comes down to it, it’s much easier to create high quality content and create links organically.


HummingbirdOne of the other Los Angeles SEO algorithms to impact your content campaign is Google Hummingbird. This is the search algorithm that is most likely to impact your SEO. Penguin and Panda primarily deal with illegitimate acquisition of links and content. Hummingbird focuses on quality and keyword usage. Hummingbird focuses on each word and how they relate to each other. It is a semantic search algorithm that caters to more natural phrasing and keyword usage in its ranking.

The Algorithm Formerly Known as EdgeRank

After search engines, social media is the most popular manner to spread your content and build high quality links for your site. Facebook used to employ an algorithm called EdgeRank to determine what stories and links show up in users News Feed. Facebook no longer calls its algorithm EdgeRank, and the specific model used to produce News Feed is now private.

Regardless of what Facebook calls their ranking algorithm it still utilizes some combination of friend relationship, likes, comments, and clicks. The best way to use the unnamed Facebook algorithm is to dedicate time and effort to your Facebook page. Make it interesting, update it frequently, and remain active within your friend group.

Operational Steps to Success

There are so many different Los Angeles SEO algorithms to consider when constructing your marketing campaign. Most target illegitimate links, friends, comments, or content. But they also help reward authentic links and high quality content.

Use Coalition Technologies

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