Joel’s Moving to LA!

I will be moving to LA by the end of the month.  In the meantime, I’m going to try to sell/get rid of all of my crap.  Anything that won’t fit in my Ford Contour has to go!

I am planning on having a going away party around the 25th or 26th of September at a bar up here in Seattle.  I’ll send out an invite when I figure it out.

3 Month Goal Setting

The CEO of my company (Dan Vetras) has a great idea for personal/business goal setting: doing it in on a quarterly basis. Every three months at a prescheduled time, he reviews his performance for goals he set 3 months ago and then sets new ones. He told us that he does in his personal life as well as for each division of VT. Dan also makes a point to tell everyone in our company what our goals are so that there is more accountability.

I like this idea and am going to try it out for my personal life. Here are 3 goals I want to accomplish by December 8, 2009:

  • Get to under 11% bodyfat while maintaining muscle
  • Make at least $3k a month on my side businesses
  • Finish working through C#

Do you have any goals you would like to accomplish in the next 3 months?

Persistence Power

Persistence is the number one factor in whether someone is successful in business and other areas of life or not.  Persistence is far more important than intelligence, looks, physical strength, or anything else.  Below is a simple, but 100% accurate article from Trizle on how to be successful:

Take Jimbo.

  1. Jimbo takes years to build his business.
  2. The economy sours. He runs out of cash.
  3. He quits business.

He gives up forever and ever.

Take Jimbalyathewinner:

  1. Jimbalyathewinner takes years to build her business.
  2. The economy sours. She runs out of cash.
  3. She continues building her business on the side.
  4. She persists.

And persists. And persists. And persists. And persists. And persists. And persists.

And eventually, she bumps into ridiculously profitable business.

  • The power of persistence = trite, over-indulgent, wisdom that’s mostly ignored.

But, it’s one of the most powerful mechanisms to make your business succeed.

Persistence Mathematically Works

Peep this:

  1. Google, P&G, 3M, and every other ridiculous innovator knows that every product they release won’t be profitable.
  2. They know that every product comes with a high probability of failure.

So assume this:

  1. Your first try has a 10% chance of succeeding.
  2. Two tries? 31.6%
  3. Three tries? 46.4%
  4. 10 tries? 79.4%

(The equation: Your chance of success = 0.10^(1/X) —— where X is your # of tries, based on the assumption that there’s a 10% chance of succeeding)

It’s like this:

  1. You can play a game of cards with odds stacked against you.
  2. The more you try, the likelier you will succeed at least one time.

And, opposed to Vegas, succeeding in business just takes one win to establish your business for a profitable long-term.

You haven’t succeeded?

Don’t cry. Dry your eye. BAM.

Keep trying. You’ll get there.

Persist like a chicken wing.

Hilariously Creepy Guy Singing Opera

Touchy feely guy singing opera to my friends mom… so awkward, but so funny. First few seconds of the video you cant hear, then I move my hand off the speaker. Another video after this one too…

After donning makeup, singing opera, talking about the joys of golden showers, and tickling a terrified girls foot; our superstar decides to give everyone massages:

Number One Mistake in Online Marketing

The biggest mistake I see being made by online marketers today is pursuing only one tactic to the exclusion of others.  Some people focus only on SEM and ignore social media, some who focus on analytics optimization ignore viral content, and some focus only on PR to the exclusion of SEO.  Each tactic has its pros and cons, and those who combine two or more tactics in their efforts see their results multiplied.  For instance, SEO and public relations should go hand in hand.  Public relations is a great way to get new links for SEO and SEO is a great way to get word out to people who are interested in your product or service.  Be smart and layer these tactics on top of each other.