Forex Currency Trading Strategy Automated Software

Peering around the wide internets at various software systems from shopping carts to productivity software to online video creation tools has led me to an automated forex currency trading strategy software tool.  The makers of this forex software robot tool claim that they used it to turn a real money account from $5,100 into $42,500 over the course of the last year.  … read more “Forex Currency Trading Strategy Automated Software”

AT&T Won’t Allow Lengthened Cell Phone Ring Time

Unfortunately, AT&T will not allow lengthened ring times for cell phones.  I currently have a 20 second ring time, but I need it to be longer so that when people call my work Vonage number it has time to pass the call from one server to another.  The default setting is 20 seconds and AT&T’s tech support is no longer able to make it a longer time. … read more “AT&T Won’t Allow Lengthened Cell Phone Ring Time”