Interesting Conversation on Singularity.

7:03 PM ”A Friend”: I like Kurweil’s idea

7:04 PM he’s kind of a salesman for it

this blog of his is good

7:05 PM absolutely man will combine his body with machines to a ridic extent

already happening

google in your hand

next in your glasses

sorry I was at dinner last night

plus this

35 minutes

7:40 PM me: haha man declined the offer

7:41 PM yeah kurzweil is fascinating

if he’s right with the exponential advance (and previous data does show that trend), i think he’s very likely right and right around 2029 we’ll hit the point where our machines are smarter than us and become creators themselves

7:43 PM ”A Friend”: I’m ok with that

7:44 PM me: me too

i’m looking forward to uploading my brain to the internet and floating out in cyberspace till I get deleted cuz i’m an old unused program

14 minutes

7:59 PM ”A Friend”: ha

8:04 PM I would totally augment my body

an iphone connected to my skull

I’m down

13 minutes

8:17 PM me: yeah

8:18 PM full google API feed 24/7

thats a wet dream

+ statistics & mathematics packages

instantly calculate anything

expanded memory – instantly see full video/audio/smell/other sensory data from any moment in your life

8:19 PM be able to email those memories to other people

crime disappears instantly

actually, could you imagine if you had that connected up and then lost it?

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Ray Kurzweil has some very interesting ideas, especially around the exponential increases in technology. He has an idea he calls the singularity- its the point in time in which computers begin to create innovations of their own and our technology advances even faster than it ever has before.  Read a full description of the idea here:

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