It’s Possible for You to Design Your Own Website…But Should You?

You have a business, and now you need an online presence. Even if you are a locals-only type enterprise, having a website can be a huge boost to your visibility in the community. Not many people reach for their phone directory anymore, they are more likely to search online for most services.

Many communities throughout the United States are promoting a Do-It-Yourself mindset when it comes to a range of options to promote their business.  … read more “It’s Possible for You to Design Your Own Website…But Should You?”

Verizon Wireless Smart Rewards Program SCAM!

I received an email from Verizon Wireless saying, “You have 61,600 points you can redeem in our rewards center”, so I happily logged in to redeem my points. You have 7 option categories:

  • Sweepstakes – basically you can enter a lotto with up to 25 points a day to win something. Ridiculous.
  • Auction – mediocre prizes but you have to stay logged in to the last second of an auction then bid against 100’s of other people at the same time.
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WARNING – Cher Park at Poprageous

As usual, this post, as with all posts on this blog, is completely my own personal opinion of the situation and facts.

Anyone who is considering working with Cher Park at Poprageous, please be WARNED about the following:

Cher Park at Poprageous contracted my firm to build her new website. We had successfully completed her first two milestones and Cher had praised the work we had done, when suddenly she had a change of her mind and did not want to continue with us.… read more “WARNING – Cher Park at Poprageous”