It’s Possible for You to Design Your Own Website…But Should You?

You have a business, and now you need an online presence. Even if you are a locals-only type enterprise, having a website can be a huge boost to your visibility in the community. Not many people reach for their phone directory anymore, they are more likely to search online for most services.

Many communities throughout the United States are promoting a Do-It-Yourself mindset when it comes to a range of options to promote their business.  For example, in cities like Seattle, web design is often attempted by business owners trying to boost their visibility in the community.  Considering that you can set up a very basic website in under an hour for next to no money in about a million places online, the question isn’t can you, but should you? Should you handle your own web design? Or should you hire a pro?

Here are a couple things to think about:

For Your Consideration

1. How big is your niche?

For example: If you are a professional harpist in Kent, Washington, your niche is both narrow and small. It’s likely you can set up a basic, static site to relay information and facilitate contact all by yourself. However, it is worth noting that web design firms in Seattle can go a long way toward making sure your site attracts that narrow customer base while also being as user-friendly as possible. Plus, you’ll have the added pride of supporting a local business while promoting your own.

2. How much room do you have for growth? Can you, or do you want to increase your customer base exponentially?

Say, for example, your Washington-based company sells a delicious line of seasoning mixes, and you want to start marketing them outside of your city. In this case, you should probably get a professional to get your site up and running and capable of handling these new orders. For this business in particular, a web design firm in Seattle would be an ideal choice to get things up and running.

So Basically…

While the scope of your business indicates how complex your website needs to be, a good web design firm will help optimize it for your customer base, as well as help attract more people to your business. While most firms serve businesses on a global scale, there are also local options for the more community-minded.

If you are reading this article, chances are you’re already interested in employing professional assistance. With a high client retention rate and offices in Los Angeles and Seattle, we hope you’ll consider calling us.

Here at Coalition Technologies, we specialize in every aspect of online marketing, including original branding, web design, multi-media functionality, and marketing campaigns. You can be certain that we’ll be ready to offer fresh ideas for your company’s online presence.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.