Medical Errors

If the number of medical errors we have in hospitals was the same as pilot errors in airlines, we’d have 267 fully loaded (366 passenger) Boeing 747’s crash EVERY year.

That’s how many people medical errors kill. What’s being done about this? Not as much as you’d think. Doctors are overworked, nurses are overworked, etc.… read more “Medical Errors”

2nd Amendment

We have a 2nd Amendment because America’s founders believed armed citizens could fight back against tyranny. 

The last two years have seen a large public outcry against what is perceived to be police racism and shootings of minorities. 

In Dallas, 11 police officers were shot by a man who apparently believed he was exercising his 2nd Amendment rights to fight tyranny.… read more “2nd Amendment”

Organizational Habits

I have been continuing to listen to my lectures on Habits and now the author has moved on to organizational habits.

He uses a couple of examples that strike close to home for me:

  1. A hospital in Rhode Island had unhealthy organizational habits so that nurses and doctors were at odds with one another and doctors did not allow nurses to question their decisions.
read more “Organizational Habits”

Starbucks Employee Training

I was listening to an lecture on Habits yesterday while I was running, and the lecturer mentioned that Starbucks has a great employee training program. Basically, employees are fully trained in each position then they do role playing with their manager for all sorts of different awkward customer situations that can come up and how to deal with each.… read more “Starbucks Employee Training”

Flex Days

I am thinking about trying to give my team members more flexible schedules. The benefits would be to reduce their commute times, allow them to work schedules when their bodies are more comfortable, and to increase morale. The risks / downsides are that it is easier for people to cheat the company, and people won’t be available when coworkers or clients need to reach them.… read more “Flex Days”

How I Built & Sold My Dropshipping Biz for $16,100

The following post is the story of how I built and sold one of my businesses. I hope that it is helpful to other entrepreneurs, and I will be happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments section below.

I created a side business with my friend Josh from UW Seattle business school in June of 2008.… read more “How I Built & Sold My Dropshipping Biz for $16,100”

Benjamin Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor”

Warren Buffet’s most highly recommended investment book is “The Intelligent Investor” by Benjamin Graham. Warren Buffet’s essays and philosophy on investing sound like the best way to invest to me, so I use his value based approach. Warren Buffet advocates that you keep in mind that underlying each stock is an actual business with a true actual valuation.… read more “Benjamin Graham’s “The Intelligent Investor””