Doctors Should Be Paid On Outcomes, Not Procedures

I was just in the gym of the hotel we are staying at on Kauai for our honeymoon and overheard a couple of doctors talking. The entire conversation was about how they generate revenue and how to get more. Neither of them mentioned quality of care or patient outcomes once.

Our healthcare system incentivizes doctors to perform as many procedures as possible at a high of cost as possible without regard to patient outcomes.… read more “Doctors Should Be Paid On Outcomes, Not Procedures”

Personal History

I realized yesterday that I have my personal history documented on my blog, in my gmail, and on Facebook stretching back ten years.

I read some of my ancient emails and came to see a different side to myself. I found some good, and lots of the embarrassing. Sadly I also found the bad.

The good included old dreams and ideas that have come to fruition.… read more “Personal History”

Casinos and Gambling Should Be Outlawed

Gambling preys on neurological habits that people can’t control. Casinos make their games more addictive than heroin or tobacco.

We should outlaw gambling. 

Casino employees know how bad people are hurt by gambling, but still try to find ways to get them even more addicted. Gambling and casinos are straight evil.

ESOP Plans

I am investigating possibly setting up an Employee Stock Ownership Plan for my team. If it will not cause too large of an expense or tax or legal issues I will probably do it. My biggest concern right now is that overseas team members may not be able to participate and that it could be cost prohibitive (tens of thousands of dollars) to hire someone to administer it.… read more “ESOP Plans”