6 Months Of No Drinking

Yesterday marked 6 full months of no drinking for me. I have felt very healthy and have made big advances in my business during this time. I have rebuilt my recruiting application to sell it to multiple companies. I’ve worked on a number of other business improvements.

Not drinking has been hard for me. At first, I would think about it each day, but now I probably only really want a drink once a week or so.… read more “6 Months Of No Drinking”

Why Did Human Technology Go Slow at First?

Interesting read here on different theories on why human technologies were slow to rise at first.

I think some core reasons why human technology was slow going at first in order of most likely to least likely are:

  1. Not many people…. 30,000 years ago there were orders of magnitude less humans, perhaps a few million. We now have 7 billion brains at work on technology.
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Corporations and Governments are AI

I believe that larger corporations and governments are separate thinking entities from any individual person that works for them. They act aggressively in their own interest to pursue a specific goal (for corporations this is profit, for governments it is survival and growth). Many times they will even get rid of their own CEO’s if the CEO is not contributing properly (look at Harvey Weinstein as an example here).… read more “Corporations and Governments are AI”

Concentration is a Muscle, Don’t Drug It

Concentration is the ability to focus in on a single task with your whole mind. Concentration is when you want to work on a specific task, but you keep looking at your phone instead. It is closely related to willpower, which is a reaction to an internal conflict.¬†Willpower is your ability to force yourself to go to the gym even when you are feeling tired.… read more “Concentration is a Muscle, Don’t Drug It”