Kids VS Felons

I am not afraid of a 40 year old felon, but nothing is more frightening to me than a group of testosterone fueled teenage males together. You know the felon is mature enough not to do stupid things in most cases without a strong reason. Kids will do anything and have no sense of context and often are almost sociopathic.

Where Racial Hatred Leads

The Lvov pogroms in Ukraine were targeted at Poles and Jews and antifascist Ukrainians.

I find it interesting to try to understand how both sides of the political divides between populists (I share some leanings here) and the left (I also share some leanings here).

This is an interesting article by a black woman about white privilege that at first I thought I would feel attacked by and disagree with but ended up making me reconsider this topic a bit.… read more “Where Racial Hatred Leads”


The reception desk people here at the hospital NICU have to print name tags for every visitor. To do so they need your first and last name and the date of birth. I now have three separate reception people to have my full name and date of birth memorized because I’ve been here so often. Every single day for something like 6 weeks now.

Parenthood is the Meaning of Life

Being a father is literally the meaning of life. All life on our planet from single-celled organisms to multi-ton whales primary drive is to reproduce. Every species’ goal is to expand and thrive. Holding your baby skin to skin awakens some deep primal emotions inside of you. Your life takes on a much bigger purpose outside of your own selfish desires.… read more “Parenthood is the Meaning of Life”