I have a lot of dreams where I am in scary or angry situations often somewhat based on worst case scenarios that my subconscious pulls together from actual experiences. I am currently undergoing a two year old small claims lawsuit that doesn’t have much material effect on my company, but due to the nature of the opposing party has become quite onerous. I had a bad dream last night where I was doing the final hearing but had no expert witness and the other side had all of my enemies through the years there to testify against me. Very frustrating dream and even when I woke up the emotions stayed with me.

I feel like dreams are a place where your mind often presents you with worst case scenarios and let’s you deal with them there. I feel like in my daily real life I rarely run across situations that are as bad as my dreams present me with. It’s sort of like super hard practice runs so that when you go out on game day, everything feels easy.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.