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Aaron is preparing a big email to send out to a new list he has for his insurance ce business and these are some resources he has found helpful:

In any event, I will be using a few different tactics in sending that first email to a new list and am excited to learn what gets the best response.

Here are the resources i’m referencing in preparing the broadcast

I just wanted to share as its been a bit of a dust storm finding what I needed regarding emailing a new list.

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  1. Dear Brethren
    It is another good time that our lord heaven have protcted from any evil sprist i greet you in jesus name how are you.
    I am very much happy to know you and you ministry as it is the will of God that i will know you and wo rk together as bro thers and sisters in christ as i go through you teachings in your webside were so intresting and now i what you to share you ideas with your ministy. may the lord bless you as i am hoping to hear from you soon.
    God bless you
    Pastor Isaac

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