Industries are being revolutionized left and right by new innovations. The telephone industry has been smashed by the innovation of the cell phone. The cell phone is now being pushed aside in favor of the smart phone. The old school news industry is being squeezed hard by Craigslist, blogs, social media and other improvements.

Have these changes hit your industry yet? Are you going to embrace them or try to fight it?

Don’t think your industry is safe: every industry is iterating rapidly.

Accounting-> new software is making old school accountants obsolete.

Airplane pilots -> planes are fully capable of taking off, flying and landing without human input… all that is needed now is human trust.

Chess players -> Computers have long been able to defeat grandmasters

If you can anticipate the changes coming to your industry, and build products/services accordingly you can make a fortune.

Published by

Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.