Google Says: “You Can’t Rely on Old SEO Tactics”

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Due to Google’s dominant position as the leading search engine and the corresponding reliance of many web search users on Google’s search tools, the algorithm changes put into place by Google can affect a wide range of users and businesses. In fact, the changing SEO industry itself can be largely attributed to algorithm changes implemented by Google and the way those changes affect search rankings. There are certainly plenty of observers unhappy with this, as well as many more who think the changes are taking the industry in a productive direction. Without a doubt, taking Google’s dominant search position into account means undertaking more diverse and creative SEO tactics such as web design, graphic design, social media marketing, and rich content generation.

Out with the Old

The two major updates in question are Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithm updates, which ushered in big changes and addressed the prevalence of SEO techniques that sacrificed quality in order to game the search engine, according to Google. Panda targeted thin, spammy content and mandated more long-form content that appeals to the user, while Penguin went after link farms and link spamming, putting a greater emphasis on high quality, relevant links.

In with the New

Coming on the heels of the Panda and Penguin updates, Google introduced its Hummingbird update, which emphasized natural language search, rich content, and a quality experience for users. With these updates taken together, it is immediately apparent that old SEO techniques such as link spamming, keyword stuffing, thin-but-algorithm-friendly content, and other algorithm gaming techniques no longer work.

New techniques – which are really just old marketing principles that are tried and true – mean implementing strategies that gives users an engaging experience and useful way to access products and services. It also means graphic design that is pleasing to users, rich content that keeps users coming back for more, and a general favorable experience that keeps users loyal to your brand. The bottom line is if you are providing your visitors with a great experience, you’re implicitly providing Google’s users with a great experience if they used the search engine to get to your site. If Google is happy, it is more likely that you keep your traffic.

Good or Bad?

There are plenty of critics of this situation who insist that Google’s dominance gives it an outsized influence over the nature of the web itself. Critics argue that since Google controls so much of the web traffic, many webmasters and businesses are subject to the whims of Google’s algorithms, which don’t always successfully sort out the quality sites. Some of these critics are certainly old-school SEO practitioners and algorithm gamers who don’t want to change, yet there are others whose genuine high-quality sites are harmed by algorithms that can’t completely capture the subjective nature of quality.

Another viewpoint holds that these changes are making the SEO industry (and the websites it serves) better and more accountable for quality user experiences. No one likes change at first, but without a doubt these updates have imposed a more stringent standard on quality web design graphic design, marketing, and content writing.

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Whether you are a fan of these changes or not, Google remains a dominant actor in the search engine market, and if you want to run a successful business in today’s Internet-powered information economy, you need to run an SEO campaign that effectively abides by Google’s algorithms. Fortunately, you can hire a talented SEO professional to help you navigate the volatile world of search. Coalition Technologies offers only the best talent in the industry and we keep on top of the latest SEO techniques to give you the highest search rankings and a quality experience for your customers. We offer high rated services in Los Angeles web design, social media marketing, branding, graphic design, content creation, and much more.  Give us a call today at 1-310-827-3890 and receive a free quote.

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