The Best Positions in the SEO Industry

With virtually every serious business today looking to enlist some sort of SEO service to improve their search ranking and visibility, it isn’t hard to imagine why the SEO industry has seen such a sustained growth in job positions. What are the best positions in terms of pay and job description? Where can you find the best SEO jobs? Take a look at this brief overview of Los Angeles SEO jobs for more information.

SEO Managers and SEO Directors

In many firms, the title “manager” and “director” is often interchangeable, though in larger firms there can be an SEO director that manages a number of SEO managers, who in turn manages their respective staffs. An SEO director or manager usually guides the general direction of an SEO campaign. SEO directors and managers keep up with the latest search techniques and strategies, stay on top of industry developments, work with SEO software, and manage resources as well as teams of link builders, content writers, and social media marketers.

For managers and directors, there is a healthy demand for Los Angeles SEO jobs of this nature, and they generally pay anywhere from 50K to 100K or more. These types of professionals can make a dramatic difference when it comes to the success of an SEO campaign, and competition for these positions is steep.

Content and Keyword Strategists

Content and keyword strategists analyze content and keyword usage and develop strategies that will make the best use of content in SEO campaigns. Content and keyword strategists can also write content themselves and get involved in editorial activities such as developing workflow and maintaining guidelines for creating effective content.

These types of Los Angeles SEO jobs are offered less frequently, but are paid very well (50K to 100K+) due to their effectiveness in SEO marketing campaigns.

SEO Analysts and Specialists

SEO specialists can have overlapping skillsets with managers and strategists, but with larger operations a specialist position can be more sharply defined. SEO specialists are often tasked with rigorous analysis, and are sometimes referred to as SEO analysts for this reason. SEO specialists carry out website analysis and make sure each page – as well as the structure of the site itself – work towards a better search ranking. SEO specialists also handle keyword analysis and research to make content more effective.

These kinds of Los Angeles SEO jobs typically enjoy plenty of demand and they can pay anywhere from 35K to 80K.

Copywriters and Link Builders

These two positions are relatively straightforward. Copywriters work with managers, specialists, strategists, and editors to craft rich content with effective keywords for websites and blogs. Link builders are tasked with building up lists of quality links to the client’s website in order to improve search rankings.

These jobs don’t always pay like the others do (20 – 80K) but they often offer flexible locations and schedules, and there is no shortage of demand for them.

Other Professions and Locations

Depending on the degree of sophistication for a given SEO operation, there are plenty of other job titles out there with their share of functions. Further, the functions of the modern SEO firm have expanded to keep up with the changing search algorithms of companies like Google. SEO marketing can utilize the skills of graphic designers, web designers, PR specialists, branding marketers, and others depending on the scale of the operation.

While Los Angeles SEO jobs tend to be some of the most abundant SEO jobs in the US, professionals should have no trouble finding work in other cities like New York, San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, Boston, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and more. Pay tends to be higher, and job offers tend to be more numerous in the big cities, though cost of living goes up as well.

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