Hmmm- At almost any given moment at least one person is reading what I have written.‚  So why do I feel lonely?‚  Strange that a blog does not fulfill all of my life’s needs and desires.‚  I certainly expect it to.

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10 thoughts on “Hmmm”

  1. Hahaha… guess I was wrong. My blog responded to me less than 5 minutes after I posted…I think my blog must be the only one who truly loves me… or perhaps Jordan is the lonely one 😉

    You guys should call me. I am always the one who calls. Btw- when are you planning on coming up for dinner with Megan?

  2. Meghan (sp) and I are generally available on Wednesday evenings, although that has not been as easy lately as she has a regular M-F schedule and I am still F-Tue.

    I might be lonely, or hyper active. Either way, I wrote quickly back.

  3. Meghan should be spelled with no H.

    Meghan doesn’t have to come, but since she is a major part of your life, it is good if she does.

    You guys need to tell me the next day you are available and we will plan on doing something then. How about next Wednesday?

  4. I will be in Cabo. I can almost always meet for lunch on Wednesdays or Thursdays. This week I will be a bit busy prepping for vacation, so it won’t work but that would be easiest and almost guaranteed on a regular basis.

  5. why is it that no one visits me at my house. since heather and i have lived together at our house neither of you have visited. we would like to invite you both to dinner. bring one friend. jordan this offer is valid with your birthday coupon for you and your wife to have dinner with us. joel you too since i dont think i got you anything for your birthday. probably due to you never seeing me. joel you should bring jimmy down with you. well let me know when you are all available and not on cruises in cabo or blogging your life away.

  6. When did you get back together with Heather? And why? I thought you were permanently done with her? You need to work on your persistence lol.

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