Home Star Planetarium

The Home star Planetarium is truly an out of this world experience for you and your entire family. This at home planetarium can open your eyes to the wonders of the universe, right from your own living room. The wonderful thing about the Home star planetarium is that it projects tens of thousands of stars into your room or area and creates the imagery that you are outside among the stars.

The Home Star planetarium can project more than 10,000 stars on your ceiling or walls at an impressive distance of 2 meters. The stars can rotate clockwise to represent the Southern Hemisphere and anti-clockwise for those of you in the Northern Hemisphere. So no matter where in the world it is that you call home, the Home star planetarium can offer you the ambience of being among the stars.

This at home planetarium is a great way to help your kids get interested in the world and wonders of astronomy. It can encourage them to want to pursue studies in the field and enjoy the awe and wonder of what the world of astronomy has to offer. Anyone who has ever been interested in the beauty and solitude of watching the night stars light up the sky can now enjoy that in their own homes.

The Home Star planetarium comes with an automatic timer, so that if you want to create a relaxing environment for your children while they are going to bed, you can set the planetarium so that it will run for an allotted amount of time and gently let your children drift off to sleep.

This at home planetarium can also set the stage for a relaxing evening in and help create the setting for a peaceful and serene time spent at home. One of the best features with this at home planetarium is that it is small in size and you will not have a problem finding a corner of the room to place it in. You will also be able to enjoy all of the wonders of this at home planetarium at a very affordable price. For under $250 this at home planetarium is a very affordable way to bring the fun and attractions of the night sky into your home for your whole family to enjoy.

It has options that allow you to create different settings, as you need them, and can allow you to enjoy different speeds and patterns of stars to fit your particular mood. Whether you are in the mood for a few stars, or a ceiling full of stars, the Home Star Planetarium has something to offer. Enjoy the beauty and amazement of studying the stars with the ability to do it all right from your own home. Bring in the Home Star planetarium today and entertain yourself, your family and any guests with the natural wonder of the night’s starry skies.

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