How to Build a Toddler Stand To Wash Hands – DIY

I built the toddler stand so they can get up to the sink and wash their hands.

Building this toddler stand is quite easy. It just needs to be matching the height of a countertop which for me was 36 in tall. You only want it about 20 in deep so that it gives room to walk behind it. I used 1×3 lumber. The platform surfaces are from 3/4-in plywood I have leftover from another project.

It is held together by wood glue in 18 gauge brad nails. I used one and three quarter inch length which was just too long for my lumber. I should have used inch and a quarter or maybe inch and a half.

Once I was finished I sanded it all down.

I think the whole thing cost under 15 bucks.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.