Scams By Attorneys: Class Action Lawsuits, ADA Lawsuits

Attorneys find lots of ways to twist the law to scam the citizens of America, but there are very few ways as horrifying as what attorneys do using class action lawsuits.

I actually am supposedly in a harmed class for multiple class action lawsuits that would give me money, including for a Blue Cross Blue Shield class action settlement, another for a company I was an investor in, and a couple of others. But in reality, the attorneys get most of the funds. In the Blue Cross Blue Shield one they are getting $600 million!!! And once the settlement is in place, both the attorneys who filed the lawsuit and the defending party make it so difficult for any of the harmed class to get any funds that they both keep the majority of the funds.

I am a web designer and see ADA lawsuits doing the same thing… Basically a continuous flow of real litigation targeting fake problems with websites. Most of these attorneys simply run scrapers to get webmaster contact and bulk email innocent business owners threatening lawsuits and hope to get hundreds of settlements.

Attorneys fees for class action lawsuits need to be capped at the attorney’s actual reasonable hours worked multiplied by a reasonable hourly rate.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.