How to Type Upside Down

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Interested in learning how to type upside down?

A very simple tool for flipping the text you type upside down is available here. Google recently has been spammed by someone using upside down text on their Google Trends application which shows hot upcoming keywords.

You can use the type upside down trick to put text into most interfaces, including Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft Word etc.

Learning how to write upside down is a very important skill if you want to be a successful person in this world.  If you can’t type upside down, how else can you make you boss feel foolish when he reads your emails?  How else but by using upside down type do you get to confuse your grandparents when you send them messages?  I love to use upside down type on facebook to make people laugh and try to figure out what is going on!  Good stuff.

If you have any questions on how to type upside down, feel free to leave them in my comments!

Update: More good links on where to go learn how to type upside down are in the comments now!

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