Jeremy & Joel Tuesday Idea Meetings

Jeremy and I have been doing what for lack of a better term, I will call “Idea Meetings” every Tuesday.

The concept is this: we meet on Tuesday evenings at 8pm and pick a topic off our list to discuss in depth.  We spend two hours doing so.  Here is a sampling of our list of our topics:

Accessible longterm structured freetime top 10 freetime ideas, fun social constructive activities
Research how we can eat & live to increase brain power
Discipline to execute (talk about strategies to do this
Discover a list of new, challenging activities for us to participate in
Skills we would want to learn (adwords, speaking, basketball, etc)
Come up with product ideas (tech or nontech)
Build client retention management service
Keyboard shortcuts
Technologies that can boost productivity
Find good potential networking meet ups (including book clubs)
Research the people we want to be… confidence, style, swagger, abilities, skills, lifestyle
Build something useful
Use dual n back in recruiting programmers/anybody
Shopping in stores… find business ideas, marketing strategies (mall)
Personal life improvements
Great blog posts for each of our blogs
Figure out recruiting strategies
Create something interesting with google apps scripts or in marketplace
Analyze personal history to understand weaknesses and apply to present
Share computer knowledge & efficiencies
Find ways to reinforce behavior in employees


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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.