Monday Dinner & Tuesday Morning Root Canal

On Monday night, Nick and I drove to one of Ian’s friends houses in Madrona after work for our dinner. The dinner was a big barbecue held with many people who work with Ian and his friend at Campagne on Pike street. The food, as usual, was to die for. Ian made three different kinds of pork all with different rubs. Most of the pork I’ve had in my life has been not very good, but Ian knows how to cook it just right so it is tender and fresh and juicy. Very tasty. Ian’s friend made tons of chicken- marinated in jabanero and other spices and cooked to perfection. We all relaxed and talked and played Wii bowling and feasted on tons of food and drank good beer and wine all night. Great times.

The following morning at 8:30 am I wen to Dr. Bachman’s office near the Fremont bridge to get the root canal Dr. William Harris had done for me redone. It had become infected and he had missed a root, so Dr. Bachman went in and cleaned it out for me and filled a hole in the tooth as well. It didn’t hurt even after it was over and I am scheduled to go back in in a month for follow up work.

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