“Morally Corrupt”

Frightening. Religion really freaks me out. Christians used to do this shit too before they stopped believing in the literal text of the Bible and emasculated their beliefs. How can you approve vigilante murders for “chastity crimes”, insulting the prophet Mohammed or being “morally corrupt”?!? You want to know what was morally corrupt that one young couple did? They were engaged to be married and WALKED TOGETHER IN PUBLIC! There are lots of these ancient superstitions, but in Iran, they are enforced by their Supreme Court. Horrifying. As Richard Dawkins put it, “Religion is a virus of the mind”.

Most of my life I’ve tended to be more towards the Republican side politically, because I am a huge supporter of small government and free market fiscal policies. However, the Republican party has slowly morphed into a party that is controlled by religious interest groups and now wants to codify their silly beliefs into law. In the last eight years they have had nearly full control of the government and instead of shrinking the government and the national debt (cornerstones of fiscally conservative economics), they have expanded the national government and the debt at an unprecedented rate. There has been way too many pork projects getting passed and far too little good legislation. Our Middle East policy has been thoroughly bungled. The Republican party is full of cowards who just want re-election and won’t stand by their beliefs. The Democrats aren’t much better though; we need to change the two-party system. Both parties are just set up to retain power and not make the positive changes that are so desperately needed.

Since I have had the legal right to vote when I turned 18, I have abstained from participating in our elections because both parties churn out politicians who make me sick. Not only that, but many of the elections we hold are semi- to fully fixed. Thousands of dead people vote in every county in each election and most of them are counted.

Want to know the worst part? I think our horrific political system is probably the best in the world… At least Big Brother isn’t as involved in my life as it is in Europe or South America and I don’t have to worry about being murdered for walking down the street with my girlfriend. What a terrible world we live in.

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