People Being Screwed Globally

I woke up in this morning thinking about how much I am getting screwed by various nefarious governments and the stupidity of other people and decided I should write a series of posts on them. Some of the coming posts are listed below:

-OPEC is the MAFIA- The oil cartel OPEC has artificially been pushing up oil prices and now ridiculously high prices are hurting everyone from truckers in Spain to SUV sales in the US (not necessarily a bad thing). OPEC is a group of countries mostly headed by religious dictatorships that really needs to be broken up. We should’ve conquered them following WW2 instead of financing them for the last 60 years to build themselves up into our enemies.

-IRAQ: THE 51st STATE- Following on my last point, we should make Iraq the 51st state and change the name of our country from the United States of America to just the United States. We should also pull a tip on how to pacify a country engaged in guerrilla warfare from the ancients- tell them that every time a bomb goes off and kills one of us, we will pick a hundred random citizens and kill them publicly. That will give them a huge motivation to root out guerrilla’s, terrorists and others in that vein. If the international community grew some balls, this method would have the country at peace in 6 months and many less people would die then using the idiotic methods we do now.

-US GOVERNMENT: ROTTEN THIEVES- I lose close to a third of every one of my paychecks to the US Government. What do I get back? Two useful services (courts and police) and one hell of a lot of stuff I don’t want (Medicare, Iraq War, Social Security, Welfare, Interest payments on national debt, oil subsidies, agriculture subsidies, other pork). In 2008 the US Government spent 2,931 billion dollars, of that only 46 billion dollars went to protection; in other words, 98 cents on every dollar I gave the US Government was wasted on crap I don’t want. I don’t want to be forced to support fat people on social security. If I want to help people, I want it to be my choice. For instance, I know a couple who hasn’t worked in five years (though they could), because the government supports them. I HATE that I am paying for that BS.

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