Potential Biological Father

I met my potential biological father on Sunday and spent all day hanging out with him. He was one of the nicest guys I have ever met and I had a great time talking to him and showing him around a little bit. I gave him a tour of the UW campus, went to eat at Cedar’s Indian restaurant, visited Gasworks park, ate dinner at Chipotle’s and finished up meeting his cousin and her friend at the U-district Lounge.

His name is Bruce Eide and he is about 6’2” and seems to have a similar build to mine (though of course he’s 52 and has never really worked out). His hair color was like mine but his is thinning and his eye color also seemed to be the similar weird greenish color I have. I think that we had a lot of similarities, but won’t be sure until we get the DNA test done and know for sure.

I really liked interacting with him, he was very laid back and chill and seemed to enjoy himself. I’m looking forward to perhaps visiting him in Sioux Falls at some point (and seeing his 600 hp Ferrari Stradale!)

Fletcher came up with a goofy nickname for Bruce when I was telling about everything that happened… Newdaddy/Nudaddy/Nudedaddy lol.

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