Real Life as an MMORPG

Around 3 years ago, I wrote a blog post about World of Warcraft vs Real Life.  I have been thinking about this topic of real life as an mmorpg (massively multiplayer online role playing game for those of you non-nerds) more recently.

It’s been roughly 6 years now since I played serious computer games and got started with “Real Life”.

I think a lot of great lessons carried over from computer games to real life for me:

  1. Track all of your statistics that are important to you even if you are not specifically working on improving them!  Just the mere act of writing down things that are important to you will help you naturally focus on those things more. For example, I have a spreadsheet in which I track if I worked out or not (I just put an X in a spreadsheet cell), if I took a nap or not (again just an X), my productivity for the day (1-10 scale), how healthy I ate (1-10 scale), my bedtime, and a few other stats.
  2. If you are afraid of something or can’t figure something out, just dive in and keep trying new things till you figure it out!
  3. Reading the manual REALLY helps. I study constantly and actually have set aside an hour very early every morning for training in something new. Recently I have been working on adding Python to my programming skill set!
  4. Exploring new territories can pay big dividends. I have had an incredible time working with and visiting people from other nations and other walks of life.


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Joel Gross

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