Religious Leaders Response to Prayers 4 Sale

I received the following email from a major figure in the Christian religion following the article in AOL about my prayer for sale website:

Hi Joel-

Your website doesn’t give anyone a way to contact you.  Hopefully this reaches you.
Interesting concept you have, but as a former televangelist and former fundamental Christian and co-host of the 700 Club with Pat Robertson–honest Injun’–you have to expand your idea to catch the aha! moment with that segment of the population.
(i.e. Pat R. used prayer counselors to pray for folks–for free—but then got their names on an overwhelmingly large database and used that to peddle his books, tapes, and telethons.)  So traditionally, prayer has been a cornerstone of Christian marketing!
You need better text on your website.
You need Christian sponsors with real names
You need to legitimize your site with more fundamental themes
You need a better representation of prayer counselors
—You could use some marketing savvy to the Christian world—
At your service–
I wonder when religious people will finally realize that the people who lead them only do so to gain power, fame and money.  The Bible was very correct in calling them “sheep” following a “shepherd”…. only the shepherd is corrupt and evil.

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  1. Christ is the only shepherd to follow. And his true sheep hears only his voice and follows no religious rats. Christ doesn’t charge his sheep. Its free conversation with Christ

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