The woman’s perspective on dating me: an analogy

“She’s been out fishing in a little boat for most of her adult life, trying to make a quality catch. Thus far, she’s had little success, mostly pulling in garbage and minnows that she just throws back and occasionally she might get a decent trout or maybe even tuna. After a lifetime of shit she’s ready to call it quits and draw up her line and go home with her sorry take. Then she feels a sudden strong tug. Another jerk knocks her to her knees. She jumps up and grabs the trusty fishing pole as her line pulls taut. Her eyes follow the line out and there is a breath-taking sight: she has an enormous killer whale on her line. When he dives again, she has a decision to make: do the wise thing and cut the line or put everything at risk and try to reel in the grandest catch of them all?”

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.

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