My flag football team has now completed the regular season undefeated… barely. The ‘Screamin Eagles’ were 5-0 coming into the game against the 0-5 ‘Fighting Missionaries’ (don’t ask me who comes up with team names). We thought it would be a breeze, but it turned into our hardest fought battle. They played man defense and this was the first time we had seen anything that wasn’t zone and it must’ve confused our quarterback because with 49 seconds left in the game we trailed by 5. We switched QBs and the new guy managed a length of the field TD for the win. Lots of fun.

Now we just have to avoid pulling a New England Patriots move in the playoffs….

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Joel Gross

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2 thoughts on “Undefeated!”

  1. Don’t worry man, I’ve taping signals all season long. You’ll be fine in come playoff time!!

  2. Hahaha… bring it on! I’m like Vick- you can watch all the tape you want, but you’ll never stop me!! (unless of course you have dogs… you don’t have dogs do you???)

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