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Located in the heart of the creative neighborhood of Venice Beach, California, Coalition Technologies is an expert web design firm with an impressive portfolio and a strong track record of successfully helping businesses extend their profitability via the internet.  With web design teams strategically comprised of user experience experts, web design specialists, cutting edge digital artists, internet sales veterans and search engine optimization engineers, Coalition Technologies knows that creating a powerful, profit-enhancing website is critical to competing in almost any industry – especially in the opportunity-rich, ultra-competitive environment of the Venice Beach web design companycompany’s own Venice Beach.  But perhaps the strongest asset of our web design firm is the capability to efficiently manage projects on a full-scale or ad-hoc basis to apply the necessary talents of each team member to every project, no matter the overall budget.  In this sense, Coalition Technologies makes designing web sites a straightforward, finely tuned endeavor that helps turn out industry-leading results on almost any budget.

Web design is a process that can quickly become more complex than many anticipate.  But our web design experts can help clearly map out the plan of attack for creating a powerful and easy-to-use website that is also pleasing to customers’ eyes.  There are lots of important design considerations for any online business to think about, including:

  • Overall look and feel planning, basic color scheme, cutting-edge artistry and logo design
  • Advanced site architecture and search engine marketing compatibility
  • Sophisticated backend website systems for content and database management
  • e-Commerce capabilities and shopping solutions
  • Mobile browser compatibility

Examples of web design we have done in the past:

Call 323-984-9949 For Venice Beach CA Web Design Services

Call 323-984-9949 For Venice Beach CA Web Designer Services

Regardless of whether you run a web business based in the Venice Beach area, or you run an online business that targets the wider audience of the world wide web, Coalition Technologies specializes in making all elements of designing and launching a successful website clear and easily understandable to clients and their employees. To put it simply, we thrive in a collaborative environment, and it informs our web design and development techniques.  And because the results of close collaboration, careful listening, strategic web design and location-based marketing efforts produce such great results so frequently for Coalition Technologies, that the firm often offers special discounts to local clients based in Venice Beach.  We also tailor special reward and referral programs for clients in every other part of the world.  So, whether you’re looking for a great web designer to help boost your Venice Beach–based business or you are located elsewhere and want to see what the experts and artists at Coalition Technologies can do for a nationally-facing e-commerce site or content portal, the consultancy aims to find the sweet spot where clients’ budgets meet their web design needs. Coalition Technologies manages budgets carefully and deliberately in order to provide the greatest value for clients’ money and to help set up a plan to manage costs as each website grows and expands its reach.

Coalition Technologies specializes in creating web sites that help clients exploit any strategic business advantages by coordinating a comprehensive and calculated revamp of their web presence.  To do this, we employ a special workflow process to address the strength or relative weakness of any existing web assets, be they pictures, background designs, keyword content, flash elements or any other specialized data or metadata. Then, for each project we execute, the Venice Beach-based web design firm helps tailor a unique approach to completing clients’ web designs, setting priorities and timelines for a rapid roll out of a powerful new website.  By evaluating and completing each critical element of a website according to the strategic plan of attack, Coalition Technologies makes sure that each client receives the specialized, individualized attention necessary to make their web design project unique, avoiding the drag-and-drop, cookie-cutter approach to website creation that dominates so many other web design firms in the industry.   Plus, our team of Venice Beach-based web designers specializes in managing content, website infrastructure and keyword deployment in order to help ensure healthy placement on blogs and search results without any negative repercussions from search engines like Yahoo! and Google.

Growth in Venice Beach

Coalition Technologies’ web design team has been steadily growing in Venice Beach, putting down roots in the vibrant, tech-savvy and creative community that makes Venice such a great place to expand a cutting-edge web design business.  We’ve been able to grow at a brisk pace, servicing clients as large as Fortune 500 companies, without loosing the individualized touch and personal attention required to help smaller clients dominate their respective industries.  In fact, Coalition Technologies sees small businesses, particularly those headquartered in Venice Beach, as a special opportunity to forge innovative partnerships with clients that have lots of room to grow.  And inevitably, in the course of redesigning and tweaking a company’s presence online, we help them find new opportunities and potential revenue streams. Our expert web design services combine industry-standard best practices with masterful artistry and inventive approaches to new media to help clients shake up their industries, improve online branding and boost the bottom line.

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