Volusion vs. Magento vs. BigCommerce – Choose the Best!

A simple Google on the internet for “shopping carts” endows you with thousands of results. But this is where the future of online marketing resides. Shopping carts provide you with relevant information and reviews that enhance your online business. Having a product to sell is one important part, while getting an online store is another vital issue. With the best shopping carts available online, it is difficult to decide on any one of them. Before reaching any conclusion, it is better to have a comprehensive look at its features and review it. So here is a review of all the software applications and the features that each of them provide to its users. See the complete SEO shopping cart review here.


Volusion is a versatile and highly refined SEO optimized shopping cart solution. They have a dedicated team which combines the client’s requests and their own innovation to form an ecommerce solution. Volusion offers some decent features to its users and mostly targets newcomers. Volusion offers data protection and allows different payment types. It gives many search engine optimization capabilities and offers many SEO friendly URLs. In fact, it is truly search-engine optimized and even if you use paid advertising, it still provides a steady stream of traffic to your website.

Volusion is an all-in-one shopping cart solution i.e. on purchasing Volusion, you don’t need to spend money for integrating its other functionalities. Volusion users can use an unlimited number of photographs for a product and zoom in on one product. You can group products into categories and sub-categories and link product with more than one category.

One of the important features of Volusion is its administration panel. It is web-based i.e. you can entirely manage it online. It automatically sends confirmation e-mail when a purchase is made which is peace of mind for both vendors and customers. Volusion also has a feature called Integrate Easy Editor with which you can create pages easily and quickly. Volusion is not just a shopping cart, but it helps you retain customers as it allows them to create their own loyalty points programs. Offering customers loyalty point enhances the visitor’s loyalty and increases motivation as they gain some points with every purchase they make.


Magento is an open source and full-featured shopping cart. Its features are comprehensive: coupons, multiple checkouts, various shipping options etc. It is completely scalable and has an extensive network support with it. Magento offers a variety of features to its users. You can control multiple websites and stores from a single panel. The Web services allow APIs to integrate with third party tools such as FedEx and Visa. Integrated with Google analytics, you can view a variety of reports like sales report, tags report, coupon usage report, tax report, low stock report and best viewed products report.

On the marketing side, Magento offers flexible coupons, free shipping options and various bundled product options. You can view or compare recent items. Magento lets you create a call centre in which you can create new customer, select an existing customer, view shopping cart, edit your list and assign prices for the products. You can have RSS feed and email notifications for your new orders. Its inventory management manages backordered items and minimum and maximum quantities.

Magneto is integrated with various services like Amazon Payments, PayPal gateways, Authorize.net and Google checkout. You can save your shopping carts with an expiration time and order multiple shipments in one order. Magneto also offers flat rate shipping on an item and product as well as table rates for a number of items, weight and destination. Its 100% SEO feature offers friendly URLs, which lets you perfectly control the URLs. It gives auto-generated site map display and popular search terms page.


BigCommerce is an easy to setup, SEO optimized and free shopping cart application. It is different from other shopping carts as it recognized the number one shopping cart solution. With a range of marketing tools, it generates traffic and grows your business. Every step from signing up to promoting your store is simple and easy to understand. Its standout features include SEO optimization tools, availability of as many as up to 25 reports, integration with social media websites and no transaction fees.

BigCommerce offers a collection of features to manage your store and increase sales. Website building is just as simple as a walk in the park. You can select from a variety of templates which are adaptable. You can create your own design or choose one from Design wizard. Once design is finalized, you simply drag and drop to customize the store’s layout.

As far as marketing tools are concerned, BigCommerce offers Google Website Optimizer and Yahoo Search Marketing. The combination of both allows you to create and export ads on both search engines. Also, you don’t have to worry about returning the product, as there is already an automated return system. It is customizable and you can enable or disable the returns whenever you want. You can offer return options such as replacement, refund or store credit.

With BigCommerce, you can display an unlimited number of photos in product gallery and see both thumbnail and larger versions of the photos. Plus, you can upload pictures, share and specify the location of photos on the internet. Using SuperZoom, you can zoom in photos which provides clear image of the product you are buying. When selling a product, you have the option of selling product based on weight, image and price. The Automatic Inventory Control works efficiently as it tracks products based on per-product or per-option level. The inventory level keeps on reducing as you continue buying the product, and when the inventory level hits zero, it shows that the product is unavailable for purchase.


With a variety of shopping carts available and having done a comprehensive review of all of them, BigCommerce standouts amongst them all. None of them falls close to it. BigCommerce is one of the easiest and fastest shopping online solutions. When comparing to similar services, it outranks others in all aspects. It saves your time as it is easy to set-up and has a friendly user-interface which gives you a professional look in few minutes. You can concentrate more on marketing and your customers, rather than spending time doing technical work.

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