Wicked Man

My brother Justin just forwarded me this email he received from Grandma Gross. Randall Gross has abandoned his own parents in their old age. His father has suffered several strokes over the last decade and is starting to deteriorate more rapidly and his mother is trying her best to care for him, but she also is facing the hardships of the elderly. No one in our family is quite sure why Randall Gross abandoned his parents, apparently he told them they had somehow hurt him by continuing to be involved in us kids lives or something. All I know is that he is a very selfish human being and a terrible person for cutting off all contact with his family.

Good Morning!

How are you doing, Justin? I’ve been thinking about you a lot and how busy you must be. I hope school is going o.k. and you don’t have a bunch of liberal teachers cramming that down your throat.

I’m about ready to do my 2 mile walk–that’s when I pray for you.

The house is coming along. I don’t know if we’ll be in by Christmas or not. Greg and Crystal haven’t sold their house yet. Things are moving really slow as far as real estate is concerned.

I sent your Dad a card, letter, check and phoned him for his birthday but no response. I said 50 is the year of Jubilee in Scripture could we make it that in our family? It is so sad.

Will love to hear from you. Papa is doing pretty well. His back is healing fine and has the left eye done for cataract surgery on Monday so he should be all fixed up. I’m tired but so what.

Lotsa love,


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