Are you my daddy?

Out of the blue a couple of weeks ago I received an email from Bruce Eide saying that he was going to be coming to Seattle on April 21st and 22nd for a conference.

Bonus info: Bruce Eide could be my biological father.

My crazy mother told me about five years ago that this man was probably my biological father. She is insane and lies constantly though so I am not sure what to believe. Thank god I got kicked out at 14 and was able to go live with my grandparents. Apparently she had an extramarital affair with this man shortly before she became pregnant with me and supposedly I look very much like him. It is her opinion that he is my biological father.

His email was short and sweet:

Hey Joel,

I am coming to Seattle to attend a conference on Saturday, April 21st.

I will be in Bellevue on Sunday, the 22nd. Would you like to get together?

I replied:


Absolutely! That would be great!

Just let me know when you’re available and we can figure something out. I’ll be off work and don’t have anything planned for that weekend yet, so anytime that is convenient for you would be good.

He responded today:

Hey Joel,

I will be staying at the XXXX Inn in Bellevue. On Saturday I am a guest at a WWII fighter pilot reunion and conference at the Museum of Flight. Later on that evening I’m not sure what the plans are. I think that I am not free through Sat. However, Sunday, is wide open for us to get together. Lunch? Dinner? What time works for you?

My cel# on Sat/Sun is XXX.XXX.XXXX


I am basically unsure of what to do. I tried to contact him about four years ago when I first found out and we exchanged a couple of emails and it just sort of died from there. My mom told me he was some sort of hotshot in Sioux Falls and his family owned Mercedes and Honda dealerships and some other things so I didn’t want to push him and make him think I was just trying to get money or something.

What the hell do I do with a man who may or may not be my biological father? I suppose I’ll just get lunch or dinner with him and talk for awhile and then ask him to try a DNA test. That seems impersonal and weird, but I want to know for sure. Such a strange situation and I’m not sure how I’m going to handle it.

P.S. Brothers & others, I would greatly appreciate it if you conveyed none of this information to my mom. She knows nothing of this meeting as far as I know and I want to keep it that way. Thanks.

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