DelTaco Scam

Smooth talking big boy manages to get himself some free food from a DelTaco in California…

… but after he posted the video to Youtube and it got 20,000 hits someone reported him to the police. The police in Rialto (the city where the DelTaco video was filmed) arrested Robert Echeveria (the star) and brought him up on charges for stealing $15 of food. After police told Robert Echeveria that he could be facing up to 7 years of hard time in the slammer, the known gang member began to “cry like a baby”. Robert Echeveria eventually made a plea bargain to serve 30 days in prison followed by 3 years of probation.

What an idiot.

Legend Brett Favre Retires

My favorite NFL player- Brett Favrre – has just retired.Brett Favre

Brett Favre, the greatest quarterback in NFL history, announced his retirement today. Brett Favre has played in the National Football League for 17 seasons, never once missing a game. Favre is widely recognized as one of the toughest human beings around after surviving a brutal career and always stepping up to any challenge.

Brett Favre holds most major records for a quarterback in the NFL. Brett Favre has thrown the most touchdown passes with 442 TDs. He also holds the record for most passing yards in NFL history at 61,6555, most wins at 160, and even the most interceptions at 288.

Brett Favre will be a guaranteed pick on the next Hall of Fame ballot as his career has marked him as one of the greatest players who has ever picked up a football.

During his career, Brett Favre was known to be incredibly durable, tough and independent. Favre was always willing to take a lot of risks and trust his arm to make every throw. Brett Favre went to two Super Bowls with the Green Bay Bret FarvePackers, one in 1996 and again in 1997. Brett Favre won the 1996 Super Bowl. Favre has long been recognized for his big heart and sharp mind and has been named to nine Pro Bowls. brett-favre-retires.gif

Some rumors have been going around that Brett Favre chose to retire because the Green Bay Packers didn’t sign Randy Moss to be his receiver this season, but Brett Favre has come out and said that those are not true and that was not a major factor in his decision to retire.

Brett Favre has picked the right time to retire and he is going out on top of his game. Favre led the surprising Green Bay Packers to the NFC Championship this season.

King of America: Luke Esser (WA state Republican Party Chairman)

Luke Esser is one of the King of America’s newest heroes. Currently serving as the Republican Party Chairman in Washington state, Luke Esser decided he knew what the outcome of voting in Washington state would be before the votes were in. Luke Esser called Luke Esser is the Chairman of the Republican Party of Washington Statethe election in John McCain’s favor over Mike Huckabee with only 93% of the vote counted. At that point, McCain led Huckabee in Washington state by only 1% (25% to 24%).

Why would the King of America consider Washington Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser to be one of his heroes? Because Luke Esser decided to take an election in his own hands and make a dictatorial decision. The King of America loves this and plans on doing the same thing, except he will stop after only one vote has been counted: His.

The King of America speaks in the third person because he considers himself to be a great and wise personage, just like Luke Esser. Luke Esser, you also should begin to speak in the third person since you obviously believe you are the dictator of Washington state and have better judgement than your party’s voters. Luke Esser and the King of America agree with one another that the democratic process is sadly broken and that they should be the sole judge of what to do to fix America’s (and Washington state’s) problems. Hooray for Dictator Luke Esser and King of America JoelX!

By the way, when you look at that photo of Luke Esser above, don’t you think that he just inspires trust and belief from his constituents? I mean how can you resist Luke Esser’s awesome slicked back hairstyle, manicured eyebrows, toothy grin and red power tie? Man, Luke Esser is a true hero.

The Growth Of Joel’s Blog

My site has started getting more reader involvement, traffic and high search engine rankings lately. I’m pretty happy that people appreciate the blog enough to come and read and comment. Below are some of my results from the time I opened the blog back in September.

The graph of traffic for Joel’s Blog

As you can see from the chart above, my traffic has greatly increased during the month of January. A few of my posts, including the “Cloverfield Movie Review” really sent a lot of traffic my way.








2,623 Visits





8,881 Pageviews





3.39 Pages/Visit





Right now it appears that when people visit my site they end up clicking through three pages, which is pretty good. I would like to increase this number and keep people interested and looking at more posts. Anyone have any suggestion on how to do this or perhaps improve my writing?



59.47% Bounce Rate

Lately, my bounce rate has been going up. I think that is caused either by search engine bots that come and grab the pages without looking at them or by someone running site explorer software against my page. It could also be due to increased search engine views (people come, glance and leave). I would like to lower this number and am going to inspect my logs to see what is causing the issue. Perhaps I need a more professional design that impress people more when they visit my page.




00:02:48 Avg. Time on Site






Hmm…. I wish people spent more time on the site at a time, perusing around. I’ll have to work on it.



45.41% % New Visits

President Bush Pardons His Administration For War Crimes

Gotta love our president. After the Supreme Court declared that detainees were covered under the Geneva Convention, President George W. Bush became very frightened. So what did he do? He pushes a bill through Congress with a tiny provision buried deep inside that gives himself and everyone in his administration IMMUNITY FROM WAR CRIMES PROSECUTION retroactive to September 11, 2001. This president has done his best to shatter the Constitution and turn America into a hellish nightmare.

Party Gurl!

Hello every depressingly dumb girl I’ve ever had to put up with at a party, it’s time for you to look at yourself in the mirror. Women like this are the reason terrible things happen in the world. After talking to one of these, a man’s soul is twisted towards evil.

Enjoy 🙂