Choosing an eCommerce Platform

Choosing an eCommerce platform is one of the most important decisions you will make for your business. But with so many choices available, how do you know which one is right for you and your enterprise? As the founder of a leading eCommerce SEO company, I know the needs of your business. Keep reading for tips on how to choose the right eCommerce platform. Cost Perhaps the most fundamental question you should ask when comparing eCommerce platform options is “can I afford this?” Every platform available offers varying package options at different prices. Some even charge transaction fees that can add considerable “hidden” costs to your operating budget. When choosing an eCommerce platform you want to consider what options you need, which ones you don’t, and how they fit in your budget. This will immediately narrow which platforms are right for your business. Growth Once you’ve determined your operating budget, you’ll want to consider how your eCommerce platform will help your business grow. The platform you choose should not only help you market your product and drive customers to your site, but it will also need to handle the added traffic and demands your clients will place on your site. As your business grows and changes, will your eCommerce platform be able to sustain the growth and added pressures of your successful business? Storefront You want your site to function well, but you also want it to look great too. When you’re choosing an eCommerce platform you’ll need to take into account the appearance of your site. You want your site to transmit the image and feel of your brand. A good eCommerce platform will give you a wide range of templates to play around with so that your site truly represents your business. Tools One of the best features of eCommerce software are the various tools and features they provide your business. When you’re selecting an eCommerce software you’ll want to bear in mind how the tools provided help you track and grow your business. What analytics does the platform provide? Do they offer marketing and SEO options? Is it mobile optimized? These tools aren’t just fancy bells and whistles. They help you determine trends, track and analyze visitors, maintain your books, and so much more. These tools will help you grow your business and find more success. Customer Experience Customers today expect a simplified and seamless online shopping experience. If your storefront and platform feel clunky or complicated, you will lose customers. When you’re choosing an eCommerce platform you want to ensure that your clients have a great experience. A platform that makes shopping and purchasing easy and secure will help you keep customers and keep them coming back for more. So Many Choices Ultimately, there are so many choices for eCommerce platforms that it can seem a little overwhelming. You want to ensure your platform helps your business grow and I can help. Coalition Technologies has helped so many others find success in eCommerce because we understand the platforms. Our dedicated staff will work with you to determine your specific needs. Contact us today to find out which eCommerce platform is right for you.

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Joel Gross

Joel Gross is the CEO of Coalition Technologies.