eCommerce Trends for 2015

If there is one obvious trend in commerce for 2015, it’s that eCommerce will only continue to grow. That’s because people want to conduct product research and look for good deals from their phones, computers, and tablets. They want to buy when they’re at home, work—just about anywhere. Keep reading to discover some eCommerce trends for 2015.

Smaller is Bigger

One of the biggest eCommerce trends for 2015 will be the continued growth of mobile commerce. The modern shopping experience includes a mix of digital and physical research, price comparison, and ultimately purchasing. That’s because consumers want the freedom to explore and buy products wherever and whenever they want.

This trend means that more and more sales will be conducted via tablet and smartphone. ECommerce sites that maintain and operate smooth mobile experiences will find more success in the new year. When eCommerce sites aren’t optimized for mobile viewing, mobile customers will quickly tire of a jumbled or complicated format and move on to the next site that is friendly for phone and tablet shopping.

Get Social

One of the biggest trends in eCommerce advertising is the increase in social sharing and sponsored content. When marketing and advertising are embedded within interesting and  relevant content, the advertisement feels more like a recommendation from a friend and less like slick copy produced by men in smoky rooms on 5th Avenue.

What’s more, this is the kind of advertisement that travels. In other words, content advertising tends to be shared (and re-shared) on social media platforms. This gives your eCommerce site better online exposure with a more authentic feel.

Can I Get That Now?

One of the great benefits of eCommerce is that you can find just about anything you want online. One of the biggest drawbacks is how long you have to wait to get your product. That’s why another big eCommerce trend for 2015 will be same day shipping.

The primary advantage that brick and mortar shops have over eCommerce sites is the immediate gratification of a purchase. You find something you like and you take it home with you. eCommerce sites have to ship product to consumers. That wait time can definitely impact sales. Same day shipping will become a major trend for eCommerce sites. In fact, Amazon already offers same day shipping for some of its products. Expect this trend to continue to grow.

Online sales and eCommerce will only continue to grow in 2015. The trends of next year are similar to the trends in computing; faster and smaller. Consumers want information quickly and socially. They want the shopping experience to feel seamless across multiple platforms and to receive their product as quickly as possible.

Stay Ahead of the Trends

Ultimately, the eCommerce trends for 2015 will build on what was successful in 2014. Coalition Technologies is a leading eCommerce company that can help your business find success in 2015 and beyond. Contact us now to learn more about what you can expect in the new year.

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