Creating Rich Snippets for Los Angeles SEO

 Los Angeles SEO snippetsOne of the best ways to increase your site’s exposure is through the creation and use of rich snippets. But just what in the world are snippets? Snippets are those brief lines of text that are under every search result listed by search engines. They are designed to give users an idea of what is on the page, why it’s relevant to their search, and ultimately help users determine whether or not they should click on the site or move on to the next one.

At Coalition Technologies, we are experts in Los Angeles SEO snippets and digital marketing. My years of experience will help you create rich snippets for your website listings. Keep reading to find out more about snippets and how to create them.


Microdata might sound like really small numbers, but it’s actually a semantic markup used to describe elements on a web page. Basically, microdata is a method used to explain specific information to search engines. Microdata utilizes HTML tags to assign succinct descriptive words to items and properties. This is the language you will use to create rich Los Angeles SEO snippets.

Schema.Org is a collaboration between Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! intended to improve the web by creating a universally supported language to describe digital data. This is where you will mark up your content using microdata.

Make Your Mark

Now that you have a language to create your Los Angeles SEO snippets you need to mark up your content. This content could be reviews, people, businesses, events, even music or videos, but most often it’s product. Marking up your content enhances search results and creates more attention for your product or listing.

What to Say

Once you have a language to mark up your content or product, what should you say? This is where you can offer a star rating, show that this item has customer reviews, or even list a price or price range. This information gives your product authenticity and lets your customer know they can trust your listing.

What’s the Point

Snippets have the distinct shortcoming of being mired in code speak. You need to understand HTML and have an interest in writing complex code. While that might not seem exciting to everyone, creating rich Los Angeles SEO snippets for your site and content should be. That’s because snippets help draw attention to your listing by offering brief, enticing descriptions of your pages and products. This can mean the difference between gaining those desired clicks or losing them to the competition.

We Can Help

Creating snippets for your website, products, or content adds another layer to your SEO strategy. By offering your customers snippets of pertinent info you give them the peace of mind to know they can trust your site and use your services. Creating and implementing snippets isn’t easy. You need to have a basic knowledge of HTML and other coding resources.

Coalition Technologies will help you create rich Lo

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