SEO Link Building for Los Angeles: A Guide

Anyone involved in an SEO campaign will tell you one thing—it’s all about links. If you wish to create a successful digital campaign, it is vital that high quality links point to your site. Links that are earned and natural are the most valued by search engines like Google. This also means that links that are low quality can be penalized and illegitimate ones can even harm your ranking.

Joel X is an expert in SEO link building in Los Angeles. If you want to know more about building high quality SEO links, this guide will let you know what links are, how to build them, and what they can do for your site.

A Link Above the Rest

If you want to flourish and compete online you simply need to implement and build high quality links. But what exactly does that mean? At its most basic, link building means gaining hyperlinks from other sites to your own site. Search engines like Google use these links to extract content from web pages and determine list ranking. Basically, that means links are essential to how search engines rank and list your site.

Great Links

There are a few types of links that are used in SEO campaigns, mostly these fall into two categories: good and bad. The most successful SEO link building for Los Angeles naturally falls into the good category. These are links that are naturally created—those pieces of content or sites that are shared and re-shared by bloggers and popular sites. These links provide the strongest impact on your ranking.

Good Links

Manual links are created when you ask bloggers or websites to link to you. These links are often made with the promise of reciprocity. While not as influential as naturally created links, manual links will still help your campaign for SEO link building in Los Angeles.

Bad Links

Finally, there are bad links. These are links that are created via spam, in blog comments, anchor texts, or other frowned upon practices. In fact Google devalues many of these links and may even penalize your site for their use.

Building Links

Now that we know what kinds of links there are, how exactly are links created? There are a few tactics to consider when SEO link building in Los Angeles. The first is the creation of great content. This can be an infographic, a great article, a video, or even images. At first you might reach out to a few influential sites and ask them to host or link to your content. Your aim is to then have others link to this content based on the quality and relevance of the piece and of their own accord.

Guest blogging is another useful practice when trying to build an audience and create links. This type of link building focuses on high quality, original content. Other tactics include ego baiting, broken link building, and link reclamation.

We Know Links

Link building is a complex but vital aspect of every successful SEO campaign. Coalition Technologies has years of experience with SEO link building in Los Angeles. Our team specializes in building high quality links that will make your SEO strategy succeed. Contact us today to discuss your SEO plan.

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