Tips for Advertising on Amazon

Amazon is probably the most well known eCommerce site out there. In fact, it’s the largest online store around. That means it’s also the best place to advertise your product. That also means there’s a lot of competition, too. Keep reading for a few pro tips on how you can more effectively advertise on Amazon.

Understand Your Options

Knowing what types of advertising on Amazon is available will help you create a strategy for your own campaign. Product Ads advertises your external website right from Amazon. This gives customers the peace of mind that comes with a large and established company. It also puts your site in front of a large customer base that is loyal to Amazon.

Amazon Local is similar to companies like Groupon. This offering puts deals in front of Amazon customers that can be redeemed at your brick and mortar storefront. These deals are purchased through Amazon which lets you gain traction through cooperative promotion with a highly trusted company.

Amazon Display Ads places your advertising in front of Amazon’s customers across a wide range of formats including Kindles, the Amazon website, and other Amazon owned sites like IMDB.

Image is Everything

A picture is truly worth a thousand words when advertising on Amazon. It seems like the first obvious step to increase your advertisements effectiveness, but if you’ve spent any time looking at product on Amazon you’ve probably noticed an alarming rate of poor quality or generic stock images. If you’re anything like me, you move on to the next option with a better quality image before you buy, because you want to know what you’re getting.

Your customers are the same, they want to zoom in and see the details of the product they’re going to buy. When you use high definition, high quality images you all but eliminate a major shortcoming of buying online; not seeing the product in person.


Pay-per-click search engine services is one of the best methods for increasing your site’s traffic. This advertising option allows you to bid on the keywords that users are most likely to use when searching for the product you offer. The highest bidder gets the highest listing and pays a fee every time someone uses their link.

PPC on Amazon works the same way. You can bid on key phrases and words associated with your product to ensure your site is listed near or at the top of customers searches. Of course, this option includes some risk. After all, paying for a higher listing doesn’t guarantee more sales, just more eyes.

Navigate the Amazon

Amazon has an incredibly large and loyal customer base, which makes it a great place to advertise your product, your brick and mortar offerings, or even your own external eCommerce site. Take your business to the next level with Coalition Technologies. We can help you craft a well-designed campaign for successful advertising on Amazon.

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