What Will eCommerce SEO Look Like in 2015?

As another year comes to an end, it’s good to take stock of what has come and consider what comes next. In 2015, SEO for eCommerce stores will build on the strengths of the past and look ahead to bigger yet smaller opportunities.

Where We’re Going

If there is one trend in technology, eCommerce, and SEO, it’s the continued growth of mobile platforms. People are using their phones for so much more than texts and phone calls. They surf the web, watch videos, and, especially, shop from their phones. What’s more is that people search from their mobile devices like never before.

To Grow Big You Need to Get Small

Ensuring that your eCommerce site is mobile friendly is more important than ever. First, it helps your eCommerce site finalize sales. If you’ve ever visited a website on your phone that isn’t optimized for mobile viewing, you know how frustrating it can be to navigate the site. In fact, most consumers will seek out a mobile friendly option before they attempt to peruse a desktop only site from their phone or tablet.

From an SEO perspective, search engines like Google already favor online retailers that offer mobile friendly sites. So, in order to truly get the most from your search engine optimization, you need to ensure that you offer mobile friendly platforms. As search engines continue to privilege mobile friendly sites, there will come a time when searches conducted on phones or tablets will only reveal mobile friendly sites. In 2015, desktop only websites will continue to be left out of mobile searches—in fact, they might not show up at all.

Spoken Word

Hand in hand with the increase in mobile as a central component of SEO for eCommerce stores is the rise of spoken search queries. Mobile devices’ native AI options, like Apple’s Siri, use different search patterns than traditional typed searches. That means that search engines will use different algorithms to crawl and display results. Spoken word interfaces will continue to impact search results and SEO in 2015.

It’s all About Content (And Links)

Just as in 2014, content matters in 2015. High quality content and earned links on relevant websites will continue to be the center of a successful SEO for eCommerce store campaign. Building links on low quality blogs or irrelevant websites won’t earn your eCommerce site higher SEO, in fact these kinds of links and content can even hurt your listing optimization.

Let’s Get Social

Social media integration with SEO for eCommerce stores will only continue to grow in 2015. When you envision and enact a strong social media presence, customers will find and share your content for you. This kind of organic growth strengthens your brand and increases your trustability with consumers. What’s more is that this kind of social media sharing only helps your SEO campaign.

Let’s Work Together

To understand where SEO is going, you need to understand where it’s been. I founded Coalition Technologies to stay on the cutting edge of SEO for eCommerce. Contact us today to discuss your SEO strategies for 2015.

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