Getting Undressed

Ben and Leah did a great job in Getting Undressed, the dance show/play Leah created with a grant from the Melinda Gates Foundation. The show was basically about a couple in a city apartment and their interactions with each other, their neighbors, fashion and the city itself. Leah is a fairly talented dancer who moves with fluidity and grace. I have seen a couple of dance shows now and I think it might be fun to try one sometime myself, perhaps after I’ve continued to get better in my classes. I think it would really help me get better faster because practicing every day (and not having to pay for the practice) would help me tons. We’ll see.

Acquisitions & Bail outs

Yesterday was a very successful day despite being sick in the morning. My friend Stephanie wanted me to go to Alki with her and was kind enough to let me drive her & her new Xterra all the way down to Ikea in southcenter to pick myself up a new desk and office chair and then further down to Highway 99 to get myself a new bicycle for commuting and fun trips. Alki was pretty fun, the weather was almost hot and the sky was pretty and clear. Later in the evening, we headed back to Mercer Island for a big barbeque (where I ate a ton of salmon stuffed with crab and other tasty dishes and drank a few Coronas).

The best part of the whole day came later… I SIGNED OFF THE LEASE OF MY OLD APARTMENT!!! No more putting up with messy, disgusting roommates! I am so happy about that! The relief was palpable and I couldn’t stop smiling. As a matter of fact, I’m still smiling. 🙂

Updates From WCFL (Fantasy Football League)

Josh: Keepers will remain unchanged this year, b/c teams based their drafts this year off of the current rules.

After playing this year, if we want to change the keeper rules, we can discuss it next year, before the next draft.

Regarding league administration next year:
The champion this year will become the commissioner next year.
The 2nd place guy will keep the records
The 3rd place guy will be the bookie

Reminder: The two Red-Shirts are due to Dan by September 1st!

If you don’t submit the 2 red-shirts to Dan by Sept 1st, you don’t get them this year.

Joel: Please redshirt Tarvaris Jackson and Chris Henry for me (Emotional Cripple). Also, what happens if I want to play a redshirt guy this season?

Josh: 1. We add keepers, not for this year, but for next year. 1 RB and 2 WR. Thoughts??

2. We change commissioners, bookies and record keepers each year.
League Champion –> becomes commissioner
2nd Place –> becomes bookie
3rd Place –> becomes record keeper

Josh: I’d also like to give a friendly WCFL welcome to Craig, another Seattlelite, who is joining our little group. (soft clapping)

Craig once worked for foxsports (and may still). He’s a renowned fantasy baseball guru. Not sure if he knows much about the pigskin…i guess we’ll find out.

Thank you for coming tonight Craig.


Hey Craig! Welcome aboard, glad you got in!

Prepare to be gutted like a fish.

Moved in

I finished moving into my new condo yesterday and cleaned out my old apartment this morning. I am really excited about the new place. I still need to upgrade my furniture and decor to match the way the rest of the place looks though. As soon as I get my old computer up and running (I’m using my new laptop right now), I’ll upload some pictures of the new place for everyone to check out.

I think I’m going to steal some of Fletch’s eggs right now and make myself an omellette.

New place!

I just found a gorgeous new place to live on Eastlake. It is an enormous two bedroom, two bathroom condo with tons of amenities; hardwood floors, stainless steel appliances, new washer and dryer. It has a huge outdoor patio with a very nice grill and patio furniture for relaxing and bbqing during the sumer months.

My bedroom is pretty big and has a walkthrough California closet that is almost as big as the room itself and a nice, private bathroom with a showerhead I don’t have to duck to get under (AMAZING!)

My roommate will be the man who owns the condo. I talked to him for about two hours last night and he’s a great guy who’s done some pretty cool stuff so far in his life. His name is Brent and he is a 31 y/o gay man who also attended UW (and was a student senator and was the guy who pushed through the $45 million IMA renovation). He has a law degree from Seattle U and currently works in business development for Fisher (ABCs local affiliate i think). He seemed like a really fun, social guy with a great sense of humor.

I just posted my old apartment on Craigslist and hopefully will be able to start moving in this weekend, so if you feel like helping out, give me a call.


Finding people who you really enjoy spending time with is one of the most difficult, but rewarding activities you can experience. Millions of people are out there, but only a few of them are a good match to you. Finding someone who likes to be with you as much as you like to be with them is rare. In the past, I think I’ve been fairly lucky in that I have been able to find a few people who match me almost perfectly. Some of these I have unfortunately lost contact with due to events or circumstances, but whenever our paths cross again we are able to instantly reconnect to each other. Right now I’ve come to another crossroads in my life and I am looking for more of these people… but it is extraordinairly hard. I have been doing everything I can; from talking to people in my dance classes to bars and even craigslist lol. I think it’s just one of those things where you have to befriend a hundred people to find the one special one. I have a million acquaintances, but few true friends and the true friends are all I want. So wish me luck in my search. 🙂

Anybody else having much luck in this area?


I went down to my grandparents house today and picked up my laptop. It is a monster with a screen larger than my desktop and the best available gear running it. I got a pretty good deal on it and the backpack to carry it. I am excited to go home and start to use it with all the cool software I’m currently downloading and installing. It’s going to be great to be able to go and do work at coffee shops and friends houses rather than just sitting at home.

Next on my list of upgrades is my apartment… I think I’m finally starting to close in on a new place.


I hopped off the bus today and this girl ran by me and yelled something, but I couldn’t hear her due to the traffic noise. A bit later, I was walking over to my friends’ house for a dinner party and I saw her again walking towards me. She was staring at me with this funny look and said, “The second time’s got magic” and I was confused and kept walking. Right as she passed me she turned around and grabbed my ass and said, “Mmmm.. nice…” and kept walking and giving me sultry looks over her shoulder. I was so shocked, I just stopped and started laughing my ass off and continued my way over to the dinner party. She looked like a regular college student, not like a bum, which was the strangest part. Oh well, it’s kind of nice to have someone break you out of your comfort zone and make you laugh- so cheers to the craaazy girl!