Chris Bowker on a milk carton

Christopher Bowker was one of my friends in high school and he played on the same high school football team as me. Chris and I played tons of mmorpgs (if you don’t know, don’t embarass me by asking) during the summer after our senior year before I left for college. Suddenly, at the end of the summer, Mr.… read more “Chris Bowker on a milk carton”

Andy Meade Mini-Profile

Ahh… what to say about this strangest man.

Andy Meade is an excellent chess player, which is to say he beats me once in a while when he’s having a brain day. Andy Meade also enjoyed sailing until the evil goblins at the WAC took away his license for sailing a boat on the 4th of July after they gave him permission to do so.… read more “Andy Meade Mini-Profile”

Ashley Morgan: The Legendary Amazon

Let me start by stating the obvious: Ashley Morgan is a personal hero of mine. She is one of only two other bloggers I actually link to. That really says something.

Ashley Morgan is a 6’2” bicycling fanatic who has recently completed the 12 steps of AA.

As soon as I can get ahold of her, I would like to interview her as I have Fletch and Jeremy.… read more “Ashley Morgan: The Legendary Amazon”

Bobby Clarkson Mini-Profile

Bobby Clarkson is a pretty sharp guy. He was a member of my pledge class back when I was in the fraternity. Last time I checked in with him, he was some sort of an Analyst for a tech company and before that he worked at Scottrade as an Intern. Bobby, if you see this send me a message or call me and let me know what you’ve been up to.

Trey Wattson- Quick Profile

Trey Wattson was on of my roommates when I lived in the fraternity for a year and a quarter. Trey was a freshman and I was a sophomore for the year we lived together, along with Undui Redner and Richard Schreiber. Trey Wattson transferred from UW to USC after his freshman year. He was the person who introduced me to the “Wheel of Time” fantasy series written by Robert Jordan.… read more “Trey Wattson- Quick Profile”


No, I’m not rooting for a massive ecological disaster… but a little one might be nice. On the advice of a certain unnamed friend, I purchased a LOT of stock in various companies that clean up after hurricanes. His advice has made me money in the past, but the lack of hurricanes this year is KILLING them… I am now over $5,000 down from where I was a mere three months ago.… read more “I WANT A HURRICANE!!!!!”