Huskies Stink, But WSU Stinks Worse

My Washington Huskies are defeated (as opposed to undefeated) this season at 0-6, but the good news is that our cross-state rivals the Washington State Cougars are even worse.‚  I watched the USC Condoms absolutely trounce the awful Cougs today.‚  USC scored touchdowns on 11 of 13 drives and couuld have scored ten more if they wanted to.‚ … read more “Huskies Stink, But WSU Stinks Worse”

Mail Goggles: Wish It Came Sooner

Google has announced the biggest, best breakthrough in email since the invention of the keyboard: Mail Goggles.‚  It requires email senders to answer 5 math questions in 1 minute late at night on weekends- the equivalent of a Breathalyzer for email.‚  Awesome.‚  I am going to activate this wonderful program immediately!

Too bad they didn’t invent before I sent all those other awful late night emails…

Bailout Increasing in Size, Scope

The day we all feared has arrived.‚  The government has begun to directly intervene in the markets, buying $250 billion worth of stock in 9 banks.‚  Emperor Paulson has said that the government will end up taking up to a $2.25 TRILLION stake in various companies and formerly free market assets.

The bad news is that there has been many reports that the friendly bailout offered by the government to some of these banks wasn’t so friendly.‚ … read more “Bailout Increasing in Size, Scope”