Mortgage Interest Rate Video

The following video is another in the group of five that I made yesterday. It is much less horrifying than the last one I published and has some pretty good analysis of mortgage interest rates. I made the mortgage interest rate video because I am researching mortgage lenders right now and thought other people might benefit from what I learned.… read more “Mortgage Interest Rate Video”

Becky Conran Interview: Brain Tumor, Brain Surgery & Recovery

An old friend, Rebecca (Becky) conran, who lived with me in the frat house during the only summer I spent there recently got back in contact with me via facebook. Becky shocked me when she informed me that she had undergone brain surgery for a tumor after that summer. She was kind enough to allow me to share our conversation with the rest of you.‚ … read more “Becky Conran Interview: Brain Tumor, Brain Surgery & Recovery”

Dreams of Insecurity

These days I have very few occasions when I feel nervous, insecure or embarrassed. Even at times when I probably should feel that way I strangely don’t. A few months ago, the results of my ridiculous behavior resulted in some fairly serious consequences. Even in that situation, I thought, “This is an embarrassing situation”, but I had little of the accompanying emotions of embarrassment, insecurity or nervousness.… read more “Dreams of Insecurity”