Steve Sarkisian New University of Washington (UW) Football Coach

ESPN has reported that according to multiple sources, Steve Sarkisian (currently USC’s offensive coordinator) will soon be declared the University of Washington Huskies next head football coach.‚  Steve Sarkisian currently denies the reports, saying “I have interviewed with Washington.‚  They’ve interviewed a lot of people. I’m one of a number of candidates, which I’m honored to be.… read more “Steve Sarkisian New University of Washington (UW) Football Coach”

Detroit Automakers Bailout – Criminally Stupid

Over the last few weeks, the Big 3 automobile manufacturers based in Detroit (GM, Ford, Chrysler) have been pleading for a government bailout.‚  The Detroit automakers say that they need a bailout because the credit crisis has impacted their businesses.‚  Of course, idiotic management might have had something to do with it: top executives at all three companies notoriously flew to request federal bailout funds from Congress in their private jets.‚ … read more “Detroit Automakers Bailout – Criminally Stupid”

Bailout Debt Crushes U.S. Taxpayers

I found this interesting bit on’s TMQ column about the bailout debt and how it is rapidly skyrocketing.‚  TMQ summarizes some other news sources findings about what has been occurring with the money given to all these corporations by our government.

” On Nov. 24, the Washington Post calculated the total cost of the bailout-a-rama may rise to $2.8 trillion, though the figure includes guarantees for loans that may end up being repaid, thus reducing the final more “Bailout Debt Crushes U.S. Taxpayers”

MIT Courses Online

If you read my blog and never take away anything but this, I will be happy that my efforts have not gone to waste:

Use the MIT Open Courses.‚

MIT (one of the most prestigious universities in the world) has made their entire course selection available to read and work through online.‚  I personally am using it to refresh and grow my business knowledge, using their Sloan School of Management courses.… read more “MIT Courses Online”

Consumer Credit Card Debt

Consumer credit card debt is going to be the next big area for massive banking problems.‚  The economic downturn is pushing unemployment rates up and many of these people who have lost their jobs will start having difficulties meeting their minimum credit card payments and will default.‚  Of course, banks charge such ridiculously high interest rates on credit card debt that they may be able to make money even with extremely high default rates.‚ … read more “Consumer Credit Card Debt”

How to Insert Data into a Table In SQL Server Management Studio

To insert data into a table in SQL Server Management Studio, you can use the following sample insert code.‚  I have included my notes on how the functions work using comments prefaced by — in the SQL.

–I have created a simple table for us to work with below:
create table Calendar
dateid int NOT NULL Primary Key identity(1,1),
month int NOT NULL constraint CK_zeroTOtwelve Check(month > 0 AND 12 > month),
date int NOT NULL constraint CK_zeroTOthirty Check(date > 0 AND 31 > DATE),
hour int NOT NULL constraint CK_zeroTOtwentyfour Check(hour > 0 and 25 > hour)

–The actual code for inserting data into the Calendar table we created above is as follow:
insert into calendar
(month, date, hour) –state which columns are going to be inserted into.‚ … read more “How to Insert Data into a Table In SQL Server Management Studio”