Information on Plastic Surgery

Are you at all interested in plastic surgery?  If so, read on.  A good resource for information on chemical peels in los angeles can be found here.  Further interesting data points on before & after photos of acne scar removal los angeles will be brought to you if you click the link.  If you would just like a basic facelift surgery in the beverly hills area of Los Angeles, check out that page.  … read more “Information on Plastic Surgery”

Joel’s New Phone Number

Due to my iPhone’s poor service and dropped calls, I am now using a new phone system.

My phone number is (206) 651-5675.

The new number is a Google Voice phone that rings both my iPhone and my Skype account. My old iPhone number will continue to work, but I may eventually cancel my iPhone altogether so it would be best if you switched over now.

Skype Payments System is Obnoxious

Just purchased a monthly subscription to Skype. I can’t believe that such an established web presence has such an annoying payment system. I actually abandoned the cart three separate times in the last couple of weeks because it got so frustrating. Skype only allows you to pay through Paypal and also requires that you have a credit card on file with Paypal (which I didn’t- I use a checking account).… read more “Skype Payments System is Obnoxious”

Working at the Beach

Working at the beach is still working. You have to meet deadlines, read emails and articles, perform testing, and take phone calls. Granted though, you can talk to beautiful ladies on your water break. In the water.

Not so bad.